Patrick Pool is first recorded in the historical documents as “Patricpol” in c.1200. Now only a short street leading north-west between Newgate and Church Street, but the name formerly also included its continuation called Swinegate since c.1600 (RCHME 1981, 174).

Hocus Pocus was in founded, 14th June 2022.

The 3P

We have a Passion for York, historic buildings, and creative design, and we love building with a twist of imagination thinking outside the box.

We have a Passion for witchcraft, whether white or black magic, for mystical magic and mythology.

We have a Passion for hospitality, and whatever connects the tourism with it, by offering to our guests not only a place to sleep overnight, but a complete and immersive experience.

At Your Service

We aim to offer to our guests a unique and special experience.

We are not a hotel like any hotel: we are Hocus Pocus – a portal to ancient magic, witchcraft, and mythical stories.


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