How do I book my stay?

To embark upon your enchanting journey, you may access our mystical portal. Here you will discover the secrets of securing your reservation and begin your preparation for an unforgettable stay at Hocus Pocus York!


Where are you located? Is parking available?

Oh, curious traveller, we have longed for your arrival! If you seek to discover our mystical realm, venture forth into the ancient city of York. There, amidst the winding paths, you shall find our enchanted abode.


We understand the importance of safe passage for our guests, unfortunately parking within our realm is not possible. However, fret not, for your chariot may be safely stowed at Shambles Q-Park during your stay in our mystical abode.


When is check-in/out? Can you store my bags?

Our check-in commences at 3pm and extends into the mystical hours of the night. As for check-out, it is a moment of bittersweet sorcery, as the clock strikes 11am the magic of your stay must come to a close and you must return to the mundane world beyond.

We don’t want the weight of your worldly possessions to impede upon your magical journey. Thus, you can securely store your luggage from 11.30am inside your booked room on the day of your arrival. However, we must be notified prior to this.