How do I book my stay?

To embark upon your enchanting journey, you may access our mystical portal. Here you will discover the secrets of securing your reservation and begin your preparation for an unforgettable stay at Hocus Pocus York!


Where are you located? Is parking available?

Oh, curious traveller, we have longed for your arrival! If you seek to discover our mystical realm, venture forth into the ancient city of York. There, amidst the winding paths, you shall find our enchanted abode.


We understand the importance of safe passage for our guests, unfortunately parking within our realm is not possible. However, fret not, for your chariot may be safely stowed at Shambles Q-Park during your stay in our mystical abode.


When is check-in/out? Can you store my bags?

Our check-in commences at 3pm and extends into the mystical hours of the night. As for check-out, it is a moment of bittersweet sorcery, as the clock strikes 11am the magic of your stay must come to a close and you must return to the mundane world beyond.

We don’t want the weight of your worldly possessions to impede upon your magical journey. Thus, you can securely store your luggage from 11.30am inside your booked room on the day of your arrival. However, we must be notified prior to this.

Am I allowed an Early Check-in or a Late Check-out?

If you need an early check from 12am onwards or a Late check-out till 12am, please CALL us the day before your arrival in order to accommodate your request. We may allow only one request per day. If you have booked via third parties such as booking.com, there is a £10 fee for an early check-in, based on availability.

Can I pay directly in the hotel?

There is no Reception hence no possibility to make payments in the hotel. All the payments must be done online or over the phone.

How do I check the availability?

The only way to check the availability is from our website. Please fill the dates you are interested and the list of the available rooms will show up. If there is a message to contact the hotel, is because the requested rooms are available for less nights than requested. Calling us will only help you to find different available dates for more than 1 night.

When will I receive the check-in instructions? / How do I check in?

On the same day of your arrival, we will send you a text message or another email (if we don’t have a contact number) with the backup code of the room.

When can I call the hotel?

For enquiries regarding bookings, availability, payments or other practical information please call us on 01904 375666 every day from 9am until 6pm.

Who do I call in case of EMERGENCY?

If you are in the hotel and there is an emergency please call our office number on 01904 375666 and select option 2. You may also find the number in each room inside the brown envelope on the desk.

How and when can I cancel my booking?

You can contact us at info@hocuspocusyork.com or call us at 01904 375666 between 9am and 6pm. Cancellations are free of charge till 14 days prior your arrival, after that the charge is 100%.

How do I change the dates on my?

You can contact us at info@hocuspocusyork.com or call us on 01904 375666 between 9am and 6pm. Change of dates are free of charge till 14 days prior your arrival, after that the charge is 100%. Under no circumstances we can allow a change of dates last minute because it won’t be possible for us to sell the room again and it would have the same effect of a cancellation.

How do I redeem my gift voucher?

To redeem a Gift Voucher, contact us using the phone number provided on the downloadable print-at-home gift voucher file you receive after purchasing.