Join us in York on Wednesday, the 14th of June, to celebrate our one-year anniversary for Hocus Pocus Tiny Hotel!

The first ever Tiny Witches Coven will take place at 6PM in front of the hotel. Upon arrival, there will be a blessing with burned sage and guests will be given a complimentary potion to drink.

Uncover more spells and secrets for this event through our Facebook:

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*We are giving away TEN Witch Caskets to the best-dressed witches, so make sure you-re in your best witch attire, broom charged, ready to fly around the city centre, spreading spells and naughtiness.*

If you’d like to join our night of celebration and darkness, please follow our spell for an enjoyable and safe evening for everyone:

  • – Get dressed for the occasion (the darker the better).
  • – Play nicely with all other witches.
  • – Use your powers, only if necessary.
  • – No shouting or screaming, or crows will follow us.
  • – Please only drink our potions.
  • – Stay within the coven (gathering of witches), at all times.
  • – Send us a sign if you would like to attend: Facebook, Instagram, or email are acceptable. We ask kindly, no messages be sent by cats, rats, dogs, ferrets, birds, frogs, or toads!

There will also be an announcement and the big reveal of something we have been working extremely hard on…

All ages, genders and mystical creatures are welcome.