Full Moon Package £20

Make her or him feel special on their birthday with our Full Moon Package.

Show them you affection and love and create a Magical Momentum as soon as they step into the room!

Make them your wishes on their very special day and we’ll be happy to write them on a special letter! Send the message by email after your purchase mentioning the name on the booking and the dates of your stay.

Flowers & Chocolate

Anniversary Package £25

Show them your love and seal your anniversary with a fizzy treat! We don’t remember days, we remember moments!

Please send us by email the text with your wishes and your name and we’ll be happy to write it on a special card! Remember to mention the dates of your stay!

Flowers & Prosecco

Hocus Pocus Signature £45

This package is suitable for any occasion and it will make it even more special! If you want to add your personal touch, send us by email the text and we’ll handwrite it on a special card!

Please mention the dates of your stay and the name on your booking.

Flowers, Bottle of Prosecco and Cake

Sorceryum Bespoke Spell £55

If you have booked the Sorceryum Room, you are entitled to have a bespoke Special Love Spell! Once you made your purchase of this package online, please send us an email with the dates of your booking, their full name and date of birth and we will create a special spell for you! Please follow the spell instructions when you feel an elevated emotion and positive energy only! And Mote It Be!

NB: All spells and rituals are created by Camelia co-founder of Hocus Pocus York ltd. an experienced witch who is living her 3rd life in this dimension and accept no liability for any physical or financial harm or damage or any overwhelming love affairs arising from the use of our spells. Never leave burning candles unattended and keep away the spell from children and animals.

Your Self Philosophy Package, 60 minutes, £145

Within the commodity of your hotel room, we want to offer you a complete magical and spiritual experience. Through one of the most recognised hypnotherapy’s techniques, the trance, we’ll help you with letting go of stress, unwind and release tension and feeling completely content in the moment. Melt into the moment with this brain massage, a mindfully guided meditation which will take you in a state of deep relaxation called trance, where the two minds, the intellectual and primitive one are coming together and focus on the same thing, gaining access to your subconscious mind where magic happens!

We’ll be using incense and Theta Binaural Beats: 4 – 7 Hz Associated with right-brain and subconscious insightful thinking, deep relaxation and mental imagery as well as meditation and REM sleep. This package includes the track that we’ll give at the end of the session.

This package can be tailored for the following Magical Goals:

  • Be true to yourself
  • Leave it in the past
  • See a different prospective
  • Step out of your comfort zone
  • Focus on the outcome you want
  • Appreciate the present moment
  • Remain relaxed in all Situations
  • Rediscover Happiness
  • Be open to love and intimacy
  • Forgive and move on

This package is offered by Camelia who is a fully, insured and DBS checked female Clinical hypnotherapist. When you book please mention your Magical Goal, the dates of your stay and your availability during your stay.