Marry Me Package

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Card, Prosecco, Strawberries & Chocolates and Spell box

Introducing our magical “Marry Me” package, meticulously crafted to set the stage for a momentous declaration of love amidst the luxurious ambiance of our hotel. This thoughtfully curated package is designed to transform an ordinary stay into an unforgettable celebration of everlasting commitment.

At the heart of this package lies a personalised message delicately nestled within a beautiful card, allowing you to convey your deepest emotions in a heartfelt and intimate manner. To add a touch of flavour to your proposal, we present a bottle of exquisite Prosecco and an assortment of strawberries and chocolates, ready to indulge upon and toast to your future together.

Lastly, we present the crowning jewel of our “Marry Me” package – a spell box for eternal love. Filled with specially chosen ingredients, this elegantly crafted box symbolizes the enduring bond you share, promising a lifetime of love, laughter, and cherished memories.

*Include the message you’d like written in the card in an email to us after your purchase, making sure to mention the name on the booking and the dates of your stay.*