Betray Me Not: Voodoo Doll

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Halloween Edition

A Halloween Edition, handcrafted ‘Betray Me Not’ Voodoo Doll with a keepsake Hocus Pocus Tiny Hotel gold-embossed box built for a luxury unboxing experience.

This is a premium collector’s item.


  • ∙ Gold-embossed luxury box
  • ∙ Branded velvet drawstring bag
  • ∙ Handmade Voodoo Doll
  • ∙ Small gold drawstring pouch
  • ∙ Branded box of quality pins
  • ∙ Authentication parchment with ID #No
  • ∙ Miscellaneous items

*This product is 100% Vegan*


You must know that within this doll resides an extraordinary power, setting it apart from its counterparts; it possesses the ability to bring forth manifestations in your life.

By the night of the New Moon, take a bundle of sage, light one end, and pass the smoke over your doll, smudging and purifying your space.
Sleep with the doll under your bedside for 7 days. Each night, light black candles on your altar to absorb negative energy and, holding the doll, chant:
“Guide him/her to the path of truth,
Goddess hear my song.
The doll I charge with my energy,
To judge right from wrong
Because I am the chosen one
And he/she will give their love to me only”.

So mote it be!


*Never do magick “just to see if it works” – it probably will not- or just to prove to someone that it does. Do it only when there is a real need. It is hard work when you do it properly!*

*Remember to give your doll their name and do not share it with anybody! This doll recognises only one master!*

*Do not take it seriously, we like to believe in magic as other people believe in science! Life is better with a sprinkle of fantasy!*

*Please use the pins and fire with care. We are not responsible for incidents caused by negligence or for real pain caused by the dolls!*