Feel My Pain: Voodoo Doll

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Collectable Item

A limited Edition, handcrafted ‘Feel My Pain’ Voodoo Doll with a keepsake Hocus Pocus Tiny Hotel gold-embossed box built for a luxury unboxing experience.

This is a premium collector’s item.


  • ∙ Gold-embossed luxury box
  • ∙ Branded velvet drawstring bag
  • ∙ Handmade Voodoo Doll
  • ∙ Small gold drawstring pouch
  • ∙ Branded box of quality pins
  • ∙ Authentication parchment with ID #No
  • ∙ Miscellaneous items

*This product is 100% Vegan*


Attention! This is a destructive magick concerned with the end of things. Consider the problem carefully and the decision to proceed including the responsibility that is all yours! Always remember the Wiccan Rede: “An’ it harm none, do what though wilt”

Scratch their name on a black candle and light it with a match during a waning Moon. Visualise the person that hurt you, rejected you or betrayed you. If you ever cried for them, wet a piece of paper with your tears and burn it. Watch the doll intensely, possibly with anger and think about the harm they made to you. With the left hand pierce the body of the doll in 6 points and say:

“By piercing your………….. you’ll feel my pain” for each point of the body for six times.

Remember to throw away the ashes from the window. You may repeat this ritual in time using the same candle. Place the doll in its black velvet bag and hide it from other people sight. When you decide to stop the ritual, place the doll on its box and do not touch it with bare hands again.

This doll has been activated for this purpose only! Do not use it for other ritual as it may have a reversed effect on you!


*Never do magick “just to see if it works” – it probably will not- or just to prove to someone that it does. Do it only when there is a real need. It is hard work when you do it properly!*

*Remember to give your doll their name and do not share it with anybody! This doll recognize only one master!*

*Do not take it seriously, we like to believe in magick as other people believe in science! Life is better with a sprinkle of fantasy!*

*Please use the pins and fire with care. We are not responsible for incidents caused by negligence or for real pain caused by the dolls!*