You Won’t Forget Me: Voodoo Doll

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Collectable Item

A limited Edition, handcrafted ‘You Won’t Forget Me’ Voodoo Doll with a keepsake Hocus Pocus Tiny Hotel gold-embossed box built for a luxury unboxing experience.

This is a premium collector’s item.


  • ∙ Gold-embossed luxury box
  • ∙ Branded velvet drawstring bag
  • ∙ Handmade Voodoo Doll
  • ∙ Small gold drawstring pouch
  • ∙ Branded box of quality pins
  • ∙ Authentication parchment with ID #No
  • ∙ Miscellaneous items

*This product is 100% Vegan*


Write their name on a purple candle and light it while you’re thinking of all the good memories you spent together with your loved ones. Rewind the most important memories with them while watching the candle burning. Every detail of those memories must be depicted like in a movie. Visualise their face and their smile, imagine yourself walking towards them with open arms. Keep the doll next to your heart all this time. Once you have that clear image in your mind, pierce the doll’s heart with 2 pins and say:

“Be the good memory of me alive in your mind each time you’ll see the sun light and you’ll feel its warmth on your body, today, tomorrow and forever!”

This is a ritual that must start on a Thursday night during waxing Moon!

Put the doll in its black velvet bag with 2 bay leaves and keep it under your bed for as long as you wish to! She likes to stay in the same place as long is under your head.

This doll has been activated with the energy of happy past memories only! Do not use it for other purposes as there may be a reversed effect!


*Never do magick “just to see if it works” – it probably will not- or just to prove to someone that it does. Do it only when there is a real need. It is hard work when you do it properly!*

*Remember to give your doll their name and do not share it with anybody! This doll recognize only one master!*

*Do not take it seriously, we like to believe in magick as other people believe in science! Life is better with a sprinkle of fantasy!*

*Please use the pins and fire with care. We are not responsible for incidents caused by negligence or for real pain caused by the dolls!*